4 expensive things you cannot afford

1. Being egoistic
Not all ego is created equally. It’s good to have ego. It’s what keeps you from being the proverbial doormat. But it’s not good to have excessive ego. You owe to yourself to tinker away at this fine line until it’s nor here, nor there but in blissful balance.

Having a know it all attitude, being unnecessarily authoritative and condescending towards others is not attractive, healthy or karmic. 

Give yourself permission to not have to know everything about everything. Feel the weight lift off your shoulders?

Your excessive self importance is maybe just your desire to be helpful but it is robbing you of so many learnings in life. Sometimes the very people you think admire and respect you, are only putting up with you because of their good nature, not yours. 

Mellow down a little, exercise some self control. When you feel the need to appear superior, be humble. When you feel the need to give your two cents, save your money. 

Start listening, not hearing, but really listen to what’s not said. It’s an art. Perfect it. And you’ll be surprised by how much you can learn.

If all you can ever hear is the sound of your own voice, then you are only eating the complimentary bread at a lavish buffet.

2. Being close minded

As it is we only use a very small percentage of our mind. Imagine if you consciously decide to use even less! How limited your life becomes!

Contrary to popular belief, we are not born into this world just to work to the bone, pay bills and die. 

Seek new experiences and opportunities. Don’t become paralysed by your own habits or be influenced by the experiences of others. You never really know about the road they took. But learn from what they tell you, do your due diligence, make an informed decision and create your own history. 

There is nothing about you that’s permanent, including your characteristics. You can choose to be a different person, do different things and think different thoughts anytime you like!

3. Being ungrateful 

One of the most powerful universal laws, second only to love, is gratefulness. Not to be confused with complacency.

No matter who you are or where you are, right this moment you have something to be grateful for. 

It could be that someone saved you a piece of cake. Or you have electricity. Or that bonus came just as you were feeling undervalued. Or Sunday mornings, just because they are Sunday mornings. 

Start cherishing everything you take for granted and watch as your life is enriched even more. 

4. Other peoples opinions

Everyone is here with their own life to live, their own plate to fill. The old news is that you are born free to be the driver of your life. 

Some people cannot handle this responsibility or fathom the possibility and prefer to live according to what other people say. They feel safe hiding behind the words and opinions of their mother, father, husband, wife, in law, friend, neighbours cat etc. That way they are not to blame for how their life turns out. It’s always someone else fault. And they can live and die with that.

And that’s ok, you need some mediocrity in the world to draw comparisons from.

But by being this person, know that you are only using half your battery life. You constantly invite into your life ‘other people’ who dictate exactly what to put on your plate and how much. And through this process, you either fragment yourself out trying to do too many things or you are paralysed by too many options. 

Either way, you are just the passenger in your own life.

But just in case, you want to be the driver, seek the help of other successful drivers. Not the opinion. 

There are countless examples of successful people who have achieved personal and professional success by staying the course despite strong and opposing OPOs. 

What you want to do is surround yourself with those who will show you how to adjust your sails when the current gets too strong, not those who rock the boat

xoxo Tina

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame.  ~ Rumi


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