Expensive thoughts lead to poor decisions

Our most expensive thoughts are almost always life defining. When we look back (as we frequently do), it will be the smallest fork on the dustiest road that led us to the valley we stand in front of, wondering how we got here and how different things could have been. The valley of regret.

These expensive thoughts dictate what we can and cannot do. Who we are and who we are not. What we deserve and what we desire. Seldom are they anything but white noise. Very often they are our families and friends, with the best of intentions, but poor visibility. They are trying to protect you with what they know. And when you forget to add to the analysis that which you know, their protection comes at a price.

You know the expensive ones right away. Your mind says one thing and your heart beats for another. What you need to know is that your heart is the compass and your mind is the navigator. Don’t get these two roles confused.

Dilemmas are part and parcel of life. They are character building and unique opportunities to have an inspiring life of inspiring tales. It’s how we deal with each situation that either raises our level of consciousness or transports us to that depressing valley.

We are perhaps the most unexplained phenomena in this universe. We have understood no beginning and we have no knowledge of an end. We are infinite life. How can a rock such as Earth be so life giving, yet we, life itself, be so life depleting?

You are here for a purpose. Your presence in the lives you know is no accident. You are here to teach or to learn. That is the infinite circle.

Experience. Learn. Teach.

This is how you make your world a better place, one life lesson at a time. One small act of love from you today in someone’s life and you could have positively altered the course of their life and yours forever. You will only regret not doing more.

There will always be naysayers. There will always be doubters. They are usually very sure of themselves. But do not let them shake your seedling of positive thinking. You need them to deepen your roots of conviction into the soil, until you’re an unshakeable oak tree.

And then, they will want your acorn.

xoxo Tina

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame. ~ Rumi


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