Goals don’t work unless you do

The binary of not getting what you want is that you either 0. Give up on it or 1. Crystallise the goal and attach a burning desire to it.

Guess which option leads you closer to attaining it?

Guess which option most people take?

Are you most people?

The things we want the most in life, we cannot see, touch, hear, taste or smell. Yet it is no less real, perhaps even more so.

Love, courage, strength, peace, happiness. These feelings that only you can define for yourself, live in your own imagination. So yes, you are imagining things, but it doesn’t mean it’s not real. Everything you define as real now, began as a what if.

At times, we are all avid goal setters. Me included. I can whip out out a goal at the drop of a hat. I have been conditioned from a young age by my parents to think big. So whether it’s happiness or sadness, it’s usually larger than life for me. I feel things so deeply, at a cellular level. Nothing escapes my fine filters.

But how many of those goals have eventuated? I can tell you now, it’s mostly the ones I have given a second shot to. I’m not saying I got it on the second shot, I’m saying those that I dared to try again are the dreams that came true.

Akin to throwing darts in the dark is how I would describe some of my earlier aspirations. And when I felt the blow of not achieving it the first time around, that’s when I felt the pain of failure. Every resounding heart beat within was a wake up call. I knew no new or different skill at that crucial moment when I said to myself, I will succeed at this.

Those five words symbolised the burning desire that I didn’t attach to my goal the first time. Those five words were dipped in emotions so potent that I didn’t have to find words to describe it. I felt it. I felt what it was like to miss out. It didn’t feel good. I then knew how much it meant to me to succeed and all of a sudden like a Nolan film, everyone but me was out of focus. And it dawned on me that my competition was never who I thought it was, my competition was who I thought I was.

xoxo Tina

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame. ~ Rumi


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