The elixir you fear is the one that will set you free


It’s not always about running into a burning building to save someone.

You can be courageous every day. It’s the smile you give a stranger knowing that they may not smile back. It’s helping someone who dropped their belongings on the street knowing that you will be watched by others passing by. It’s trying to reverse park in a bustling place knowing you will be judged by others who have not walked down your path. It’s paying for someone’s coffee when they are looking for change.

You may be the change they are looking for.

Too often we trade in our courage for mediocrity, love for indifference and ourselves for other people’s opinions.

The life that most have become used to, you have barely lived it, not even scratched the surface. You have lived and are living other people’s idea of it, but you can live this life courageously.

You can live above your pay check (most do), you can live above any limiting beliefs (most don’t), you can live above your fear. Wait! What?


There is a significant margin between what you fear will happen and what will actually happen. There is room for you to take baby steps towards something, expecting good things to follow. With that mindset, no matter the outcome, you still win. You have walked one step ahead of where you were before.

Do not allow fear to stop you from even trying. Everything is meant for you. Who, but you, decides it’s not?

Enrich your life and life will enrich you. Starve your life and life will obediently follow suit.

My life, as most people seem to think, is not your responsibility. Your life is your responsibility.

You can design it, you can change it, you can decorate it, you can renovate it, you can pull it down and start afresh, brick by beautiful brick. Now, that is your life’s purpose. And what greater cause than to be courageous enough to be the master of your destiny.

You can do this, but will you?

xoxo Tina

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame. ~ Rumi


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