Unsung heroes

If you are lucky, you have access to a few people in your life who are annoyingly happy and can’t help but point out (to your further annoyance) the brighter side of almost anything.
This is dedicated to those unsung heroes.

They are not different from you. They bleed just as much, they hurt just as much, they lose just as much and they probably fail more than you do.

Despite all this, they opt to think differently about moments in their life. It’s a conscious decision, practiced everyday, in good times and even more so in bad times. They are among the few enlightened ones who have discovered that the essence of life is within themselves and with that knowledge, they burn so bright, their aura is their spotlight, their magnet, that draws you inexplicably towards them.

This is what separates the seekers from the sought after. This slight edge of a different way of thinking each time they are faced with life’s curve balls or their own, they choose the road less travelled, the higher road.

They just think differently. Their good vibrations resonate through walls, through borders and through time.

Their inner strength is derived from consistent reconditioning of the mind. Because of this, they may face more obstacles…but how else do you sharpen your tools?

They understand this. While others will fall into self pity and helplessness, you will hear them say, what is my lesson here? How can I be better, do better?

Their primary focus is gratitude for the present. They are not governed by their previous shortcomings or their future doubts. Nor do they care much for your past failures but will try to help you replace your doubts with faith. They want to make you feel special, because they believe you are. They believe in all your dreams even if you don’t.

They love living here, in the now, relishing that moment. Because they understand that each grateful moment begets another grateful moment and that becomes the life they lead.

They want to walk the talk and they are prepared to work out everyday, mentally. This does not mean they are perfect. They are emotionally intelligent to identify their flaws and compete only with who they were yesterday. They are evolving on a daily basis, on an hourly basis.

They feel by default but they act with intention. They don’t let their emotions hold their intelligence for ransom.

While they will openly share with the world everything they know, for the fence sitters and the spectators, the secret will always remain a secret.

xoxo Tina

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame. ~ Rumi.


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